Hard Drives Take A Dive In Price,
So Why Use Tape?

It’s not hard to find a soft price on a hard drive these days. I have seen Monster 9 Gig Drives for under $500.00. 4 Gig drives for $200.00 are a dime a dozen. So, why don’t you have a redundant drive system?

First, if you think you don’t need to back your information up, or need a redundant drive system, read this month's article on doing data backups.

Look not to get crazy about this, but with computers it is not if it’s going to happen, but when!

With a redundant drive system, in the event of a crash, you just boot up from the redundant (backup) drive. It takes a minute or two to be up and running again; not hours to restore from tape or from other backup means.

Look in your local paper and you will find some unbelievably low prices on hard drives. Seagate: http://www.seagate.com/ (and others) make some low priced IDE drives. Now an IDE is not the fastest drive out there, but next to tape it is greased lightning.

Additionally, there is now software out there that will let you do real-time mirroring of your hard drive. Then there are the products from such companies as Power Quest (http://www.powerquest.com.), DriveImage and DiscCopy, that make the task of copying or imaging your hard drive a snap.

So, start checking the paper for ads on hard drives, and keep reading BizNet Online for upcoming reviews.

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