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Picture This!

MISI Clip Art 303,000 Helps You To "Get The Picture".

Get the picture? When you ask someone if they "Get the picture?" you’re asking them if they understand your message. Sometimes, in attempting to get our message across in advertising and promotional products, we use words. Most of the time we also use pictures. Unfortunately, a lot of times the picture chosen is not selected as carefully as the words were. In a visually orientated world, believe me when I tell you that the picture you choose to use is as important, if not more important then your words.

Think about how people look at a printed ad. Do they see the words or the image first. It’s the image. You have a fraction of a second to catch their eye with the image so they will stay long enough to read the ad copy. So, with only a fraction of a second to do its job, you can see how important the clip art or other illustration you choose to use is. Get the picture?

I know a lot of you are using one computer publishing program or another, and are choosing carefully from the clip art collection that came with it. Do yourself a big favor. Go out and buy some clip art. Look, every one with the same program as you is using the same art. So everyone knows you did it yourself because we recognize the artwork. How much did you spend on your publishing program? It was money well spent, right? Well, even if you only spent $50.00 bucks on your program for about the same amount of money you can get some great clip art.

BizNet Online Magazine recently took a look at MISI Clip Art 303,000. This clip art program is HUGE! In addition to getting a boatload of all types of clip art, photos, sounds, and more, this program gives you a lot more. A lot of low cost programs don’t give you a book of the art. You have to search on your computer to see the images. This program gives you a phonebook size book in full color. There is also a great and easy to use search program for finding and viewing images by description. On a search for a photo of a globe, it took us over 2 hours to select the final photo from all the choices. Now that’s a clip art collection. I was also impressed by the information and tips included on how to use the program, design your work, and understand the differences in the types of images.

In short, if you can’t find what you’re looking for with MISI Clip Art 303,000, then you don’t know what your looking for.

Check out their web site for more information :

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