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When asked to review the WristGlider, I was excited to do so I’m always searching for devices that make it easier for me (and my students) to be more comfortable at the computer. Currently I use two wrist rests, one for the keyboard and one for the mouse. I normally use a Kensington Expert Mouse (trackball) with a "gel-type" wrist rest and a slanted, padded (not "gel-type") wrist rest for the keyboard. Which means I must pickup my hand/arm and move it to the mouse each time, and back again to the keyboard. This causes undue stress on my upper shoulder and neck.

Using two WristGliders allows me to replace both a wrist rest and a mouse rest. It allows me to move from keyboard to mouse and still be supported, never lifting my wrist. I tested it with a Kensington Trackball Mouse, I have not tested it on Logitech or other brand trackballs, but I have also tested it with the Microsoft mouse, Intellimouse, Logitec mouse and a generic non-trackball mouse – it also works very well with these.

Carpal Tunnel, Tennis Elbow and Arthritis: WristGliders is a great idea if you have these conditions as it provided great wrist support for me, especially when moving between the keyboard and the mouse. It also relieved some neck and shoulder stress. This device may make the difference in being able to use the computer or not, or may extend the time you can be at the computer without pain or with less pain.

Change: In changing over from what I am used to, I gave it a one-day commitment. (When I am training clients to use the computer, I recommend that they have me train them on a day that they know they have time to go back to the computer several times to practice what they’ve learned. It’s a matter of re-patterning.)

Day Two: I am really liking the WristGliders. My personal preference is using two gliders with Keyboard & TrackBall and adding a third WristGlider when using a regular mouse. I offer the following comments:

PRO’s: WORKS GREAT, gives very good support for keyboard and especially good support for mouse and is extraordinary support between keyboard and mouse. This ergonomic product is something I will highly recommend to my students!

CON’s: Everyone thinks that it is a Yo-Yo, So they keep steeling it off of my desk! Otherwise none.

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