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TView Gold
PC-to-TV video conversion devices

There are times when you’re at a trade show or in some big warehouse store and you see something that you just go "WOW " about?

Well we found one. It’s the TView Gold System from "Focus Enhancement". You’ve seen it at trade shows all the time, but you never knew who made it. This easy to use system allows you to turn your computer video into a full size presentation screen (depending on the size of your TV); personally, I used the largest screen TV that I could find - a 46" Phillips / Magnavox picture tube TV and WOW what a picture.

The TV Gold system turns your 10.5 inch, 256 color laptop screen into 46 inches of crystal clear magic.

No more going to clients and having them huddle around a tiny little duel scan LCD screen, or passing your laptop from person to person. As most company executives have a decent size TV somewhere in the office, The TView Gold System allows you to invite the entire company into the board room to show them what you’ve got! If your client has a projection system - "look out".

If you need to record your presentation on video? This is the system for you! Connect it to your VCR and your presentation is captured in full beautiful color. If you make computer education videos, the TView Gold System is a snap to setup.

With the use of the Quick Start Guide; it literally takes 3 minutes & only five connections. We used the S-Video connectors supplied with the system. It is very important to read and follow all of the instructions provided with the TView Gold to get the system tuned for your particular TV. The handy remote control makes setup of your TV from a distance a breeze - horizontal size, vertical size, color, etc. The amazing thing is that there are 3 different control systems - the remote, the TView Gold box itself, as well as the software in your computer. So if you forget the remote it doesn’t really matter. And the other great thing about the TView Gold System is its size… a little bigger than your TV’s remote control and light as a feather. The system will fit in the large pocket of your brief case.

Technical Support


There are times when setup is so easy and no problems occur that we at the magazine don’t have to bother with calling technical support. This is one of those times; so, we made something up. Technical support at Focus Enhancement answered all of our questions fast without putting us on hold while they asked the supervisor. When we called, we had a technician on the line in three rings and our questions were answered within 5 minutes.

Technical Support, like the TView Gold System, is few and far between. We at BizNet Magazine applaud Focus Enhancement for setting up a fine technical support system.

The Bottom Line

If you are a company that makes a lot of presentations or a teacher of any kind this product will help you drive your point home.

For the home user, this is just like a Web TV setup, but with your own equipment ISP, browser and e-mail program, with no extra subscriptions necessary.

For only $399.00 with a $100.00 mail in rebate until March 31 1998, the TView Gold System is now a BizNet Magazine Wow Award Winner, and let me tell ya; you need it.

Equipment we used for the TView Gold System



For more detailed information on the TView Gold PC-to-TV video conversion device please visit:

Or the complete Focus Enhancement web site at

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