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Stuck in traffic?
This month we test
from Vital Signs Software.

When you are in your car, stuck not going anywhere you know why. You know if it is because your car just broke down or if the road ahead is jammed.

Ever wonder when you are out surfing the Net why you are not going anyplace? Is it you computer? Your modem? Your Internet service provider (AOL, EarthLink, CompuServe, PacBell, etc.) ? The Internet itself or even the server you are trying to connect to? Who do you complain to if you don’t know why your Internet connection is crawling, or just totally dead?

Will, now there is hope. This month BizNet test out Net.Medic from Vital Signs Software.

So what is Net.Medic? It is a neat software program from Vital Signs that "tracks" your web progress. With it’s deferent windows or "screens" it tracks your connection points or links. If your connection starts to give you a problem Net.Medic shows you were the problem is. Be it your computer, modem, ISP, the Internet, or the server you are attempting to connect to.

Now when your surfing the net at a dead stop, you will know why. If it’s your ISP, yell at them. Your modem, go fix it. The Internet, hay, life is tuff and your stuck in traffic. The server you connecting to, then try latter. But now you know.

Net.Medic helps with lots of other little bits of information. Such as how many hops from your computer to your connection. You modem speed and other stuff.

Hay don’t just sit there thinking about if you can make use of this neat program. Go get a free thirty day evaluation copy for your self. Http:// . Try it, you’ll like it.

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