The HP DeskJet 1220c passed the torture test with flying colors 


The HP DeskJet 1220c has been put through the torture test and passed with flying colors and we do mean bright resilient colors, over and over again!

As part of any product testing that we do here at BizNet Magazine, a true torture test is required before we give any product an award, The HP DeskJet 1220c wins them all!


The test of the HP DeskJet 1220c has been completed: and what a test it was! We tried to drive this printer into the ground by printing 70, 11 X 50 full color images 2500 full page documents with graphics and over 100 3 X 5 photos, on 1 set 1 of ink cartridges. The HP DeskJet 1220c printer all of them with ink to spare!


The HP DeskJet 1220c runs so fast and quite that you don’t even think it’s running.


Hooking the HP DeskJet 1220c up to a single computer was a breeze, and connecting it to a network only took a couple of extra minutes.


Tech support makes the HP DeskJet 1220c even more valuable, when you call, you get a tech that knows what they are talking about, and can answer your questions without putting you on hold to get the answer!


The color and speed, which the HP DeskJet 1220c prints, is outstanding, for a wide format printer this one is a gem. And as we said before the cartridges last a long, long time.


In closing the HP DeskJet 1220c is a must have! If you don’t have an HP DeskJet 1220c get one.


The HP DeskJet 1220c wins them all: BizNet’s A-O.K Award for it’s ease of use and it does exactly what HP says it will do right out of the box.

The On Target Award is given to the HP DeskJet 1220c for hitting the mark, of exactly what people are looking for.

The Winner Award is given to the HP DeskJet 1220c customer support services, that are just that, Winners!

The WOW award came as somewhat of a shock (To Us) because we took a look at a couple of products a few years ago and said “WOW” what a product. “This is one of the coolest thing we had ever seen”.


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