Sometimes It’s Nice To Share

BizNet takes a second look at the WebRamp 300e by updating it to the 350E Upgrade.

  Some time back BizNet did a review on the WebRamp 300e.  Ramp Networks now offers a 350e model and owners of 300e’s can upgrade to the 350e.


So, why update?  To answer that, lets look at the changes/differences between the two models.  The differences are that the 350e offers Modem Sharing (Note: runs on Windows 95 and 98 only) and a feature called Easy View.


Lets look at Modem Sharing:

First we need to remember that the WebRamb can be connected to up to 3 modems.  With modem sharing, users connected by a network can access anyone of the modems.

This lets the individual use the modem as if it was connected directly to their computer.

Big Deal... In a way, yes...  Instead of getting another modem for the one person that needs to connect to AOL (at the same time everyone is connected to a different dial up) using the 350e that person can do it with modem sharing.  The 3 connected modems can all have a different or the same dial up connection.  So, if this sounds like something you need, or are already trying to do, then the 350e is for you.

For more information on Modem sharing check out Ramp Networks Web Site:


EasyView is best thought of as a complement to Modem sharing.  With EasyView you can look at the performance, etc., of any or all of the connected modems.  Is there a failure on modem 1?  Is modem 2 stalled out?  It can be a real help to know what modem is doing what and what modem is connected to where, or not connected at all.


So, is it hard to upgrade.  No, not at all.  Just log onto Ramp Networks’ Web site, load some software, and you’re off to the races.  It is just that easy.


For those that did not see the full review on the 300e here it is:


Sometimes It’s Nice To Share

     Or How To Get Two Or More For The Price Of One!


     If you have two or more computers in your home or office, and have two or more users, then here is a must have product for you. The WebRamp 300e from Ramp Networks lets you share one Internet connection between two or more computers. All you need to do is add the 300e to your network-capable computers, and your external modem, and you’re ready to go.

     So, why should you care about being able to share one Internet connection? How about money! By sharing one connection between all the computers and users in your home or office, you save the expense of paying for more than one Internet account. This has got to save you at least $20.00 per month per user. That’s $240.00 per year per person. Then you add to that time lost waiting for "your" turn to use "the" computer with the Internet connection”, and you save big time on lost productivity.


     The WebRamp is easy to install. You basically, just hook up almost any external modem to it. You then connect up to 4 network-enabled computers to the WebRamp (the unit serves as a four port hub), you then plug the WebRamp into any one of the four computers.


     BizNet found it just that easy. We plugged it all in. Loaded up the CD and every thing installed quickly and easily.


     Now when any of the four computers attached to the WebRamp opens up a "browser" (like Netscape or Internet Explorer) the WebRamp automatically gives them an Internet connection.


     Need more speed and versatility than only one modem? This unit will let you run anywhere from one to three modems. When using multiple modems on the unit, the installed modems can connect to different sources. Like to an Internet provider, and to a private network or "branch" office.


     For complete information check them out at: 

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