Another Slam Dunk For Hewlett-Packard.
The 1220c Printer  Does Just What You Need.

At BizNet we use the HP 1120c DeskJet Printer for our everyday use, and we just love it! A few weeks ago we got a program to test called "PowerStitch™" , this program allows you to take several images and put them all together to make 1 giant image. The 1120c did not have the capacity to print this large media, so we called "who else" HP! They suggested the 1220c DeskJet printer, so we got our hands on one for the PowerStitch™ product test. All we have to say is "WOW" what a printer.

This machine is a vast improvement over the 1120c (still a great printer), the 1220c in normal mode on a little better than plain paper printed for us in "like photo quality", in the best mode on photo paper, our images are as good as you get from 35mm film processing. and the best part is that it is twice as fast as the 1120c (and the 1120c was faster than any thing we had tested prior). 

After printing 25 images size 11x50 we have barley used any ink. unlike other printers that would run out of ink after 3 printings of this size.

The HP 1220c has only been in our possession for a few days so we are still testing it. More next month! rest assured that we will torture it, as well as test Tech Support.

As a side note: as you know that most other printer companies are in the ink business because their cartridges run out so fast, we would like to thank HP for being in the printer business, HP cartridges last and last and last!

Go Get One, You Will Be Glad You Did! 

This is such a winner that BizNet gives it our winner award for the absolute quality and performance that the small business person needs everyday!

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