It was bound to happen. A Magazine that promotes itself as the source for information on business networking is now putting together it’s own groups.

BizNet Online Magazine is proud to announce "BizNet Online Magazine’s Network Connection"

Networking Connection is based on a marriage of the best from independent networking groups, and the best from international groups.

BizNet Magazine listens to the networkers that we encounter. From members of independent groups we hear that they do not wish to be overly regulated but they do want some structure and rules. But they do not want the big networking groups telling them how to network. Things like how many leads they have to give. That they can’t be in any other group or that they must use the other members of their networking group.

From members of large groups we hear the same about the over control of the members. Another big complaint is the $150.00 to $200.00 and more membership fees. Most "chapters" feel the corporate office only cares about the money. The chapters do most of the building up work and feel that they do not get enough back from "corporate" for the time and money they put into it.

So, BizNet Network Connection was put together with the experienced networker in mind. Someone that wants structure, not control. Someone that wants to see some other things of value for the money spent, other then just the right to show up and eat breakfast.

To keep the meeting structured, the rules are more common sense then controlling. To give back value for the membership fee, the fee is at an extremely low $25.00 (plans are to try to keep it capped at a maximum of $50.00). For this fee, members get to place information on themselves and their business in the Networking Connection section of the Magazine. This listing, in fact, can and will function as a "Web Page" should the member wish. Now how much a year is a web page worth, just in hosting it? $25.00 a year? $50.00 a year? Most businesses can easily pay over $100.00 a year for the creation, hosting and maintenance of a "cheap" web page. So, all Networking Connection members get extreme value and support for their membership fee. The individual chapters also benefit along with all members, being tied to a business magazine.

So look for a Network Connection chapter near you, or contact BizNet about starting one.

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