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the Best Of L. A. Festival

In this world there are many forms of networking. One form of networking that business people tend to overlook is what could best be called "Festivals". You know, a mix of street fair and trade shows.

These shows usually take on themes. Here in Los Angeles we have a lot of theme Festivals. One of the best known producers of these
festivals is Mr. Howard Mauskopf . Howard produces some of the better known Los Angeles area festivals, such as "The Garlic Festival" (in Los Angeles August 22-23, 1998) and the "Salsa Festival" (in Los Angeles October 9-11, 1998). Also among his better known festivals is the Best Of L.A. Festival.

The Best of L.A. Festival runs the last weekend in July in Santa Monica, California, and is co-sponsored by Los Angeles Magazine and Pavilions Market. Without a doubt, attendance is not counted in the hundreds, but in the thousands. This interesting mix of Street Fair and Business Expo allows attendees to purchase "script" which is used to make purchases at the festival. Businesses then turn the script in for cash. By using script, the festival can track how much was spent, and how each business did. Additionally, as most of the festivals have a "partner" charity, the use of script, makes it easy to track the money raised for the charity.

So how does this work out for participating business? Every business BizNet Magazine Online talked to stated that they were very happy with the amount of traffic coming over to their booth. No matter the business, be it a restaurant or a pet food store, the remarks about the festival, and the reasons for participating were the same: To be seen by the community; To obtain new customers and to "remind" current customers. It was not unusual to see one person pulling another person over to a booth while stating " This is the restaurant I was telling you about, you have got to try it".

So is this for you? Well, look at your business. If you’re more of a business-to-business type operation, I would say no, it’s not for you. But if you’re looking for community exposure and new customers on the "retail" (selling to individuals, not businesses) side of things, then this can be for you.

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