Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I find out if my Network Connection application has been approved?

A : A representative of Network Connection will contact you and advise you of the status of your application.

Q: Who looks at the application?

A: The application is only seen by authorized representatives of Network Connection. It is not made available to the public.

Q: What criteria is used to approve the application?

A: The first step to approval is that you meet the basic requirements of membership:

  • The business you are representing is your full time occupation.
  • If a dispute or problem arises with a customer, you have the power or authority to resolve it, or you will take personal responsibility for making the customer happy.
  • The business you are representing has separate Voice and Fax phone lines.
  • The business phone is listed with Directory Assistance under the business name.
  • The business has access to the internet and has an E-Mail Address.
  • The business has a public mailing or physical address.
  • You have professionally printed business cards showing both the business name and your name printed on the cards.

The next step after your completed application has been reviewed, is to pass the Network Connection interview. The main focus of the interview will be to resolve any questions about you and/or you business. The most important approval factor will be your professional appearance or attitude. REMEMBER, its not whether you’re a Fortune 100 company that counts. It’s you as an individual, and your integrity, along with your ability to satisfy your customers, that counts. Please View Our Membership Guidelines.

Q: Am I guaranteed to get work out of Biznet Online Magazine’s
Networking Group,
Network Connection?
A: No. Just because you are a member, there is no guaranty of obtaining new customers. Getting leads (potential new customers) has to be earned.

Q: Do I have to use the other members of the group?
A: No. No one has to do business with anyone else. Getting or giving leads is earned.

Q: How are leads earned?
A : Leads are earned by members getting to know each other. When you know someone you know whether or not you feel comfortable with the way they do business.

Q: Why do I have to get known to get work?
A: Think about it, would you trust someone you just met with referrals to your customers, or would you wait until you got to know the person and the quality of their work before you referred them? All things being equal, people prefer to do business with a friend, or at least someone they know.

Q: How do I get known?
A : A big step to getting known is participating in Networking events on a consistent basis. Don’t be afraid to make yourself known. Talk to people. Say Hi! to them. Learn about them and they will learn about you. Set up meetings with them to learn more about each other. Have lunch with them. Remember it’s not just the business you’re getting to know, it is the individual. If you’re good at what you do (care about your customers, and take care of business), Networking can be great for you. If you’re a flake and do not follow-up, or do not know how to say thank-you, or leave unhappy customers in your wake, Networking is not for you. Word will get out. You and your business will be "black-balled." Do it right or don’t do it.

Q : If I don’t get leads, why should I join any networking group?
A: Networking: it is about more then just getting or giving leads. A good networking group with people you know is a valuable resource for your business. You have a room full of people willing to lend you a helping hand. To share their knowledge and give advice if asked, be it their opinion on how your "new" advertising looks or some basic advice based on their area of expertise. If a customer calls you with a problem, and you can’t help them, would you rather just tell your customer to look in the phone book, or give them the name and number of someone you know, and someone that can help them. Networking gives you the resources to look bigger and more professional to your customers.

Q: How can I find out more information about networking?
A: More information on networking can be found monthly in BizNet Online Magazine’s monthly networking columns. Don’t forget to use the search function of the magazine to find past articles. There is golden information just waiting for you.

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