Attaché Scanner by Antec Inc.
This review would be like any other review of just about any other scanner, accept one thing.  Look at the photo of this scanner!  It is extremely small for a full size scanner!  

The unit is exactly as follows; Length 10.87 inches ( 27.6 cm) Height 1.75 inches ( 4.4 cm) Width 1.88 inches ( 4.8 cm) and it will scan documents up to 8.5 by 11.


The unit comes with everything you need to get started.  The Attaché Scanner, PCMCIA Interface Card, CD Rom with full software suite, Carrying Pouch, Calibration Sheet and a User's Manual.  Now if you’re a sharp reader you noticed nothing about a power supply.  No power Supply comes with this unit.  Why?  Because you don’t need one.  The unit runs off the power of the computer it attaches to though the PCMCIA connection.  This makes the unit as portable as your computer.


In setting up the unit I found it easy to use and set up.  Calibration was a snap.  To check out their tech support I called in about some fake problems.  I found tech support easy to get through to.  Friendly and helpful.  I also would like to say that I have a pet peeve about tech support that seems like they don’t know their product or computers.  So it was very nice to talk to Antec’s tech support.  They know their product and computers in general.


Why would anyone want a small, portable, full-color scanner with no external power needs? Why, to scan things!  Let me give you this example.  I was over at a company that was not making one of my customers very happy.  To help my client we needed to look over some of the documents this company had.  We got them to allow us to inspect the records.  When we asked for copies they smiled and said the copier was broken.  We told them that we would take the documents to a copy shop.  The said unfortunately the documents could not be removed from the building.  With that I pulled out my laptop computer and the Antec Attaché Scanner.  I was told that the company would not let me plug in to the wall socket as they were having electrical problems.  I just smiled and fed the documents one after the other to the Attaché.  The Attaché made my customer and me very happy.  It made the other company very unhappy.


If you ever need to copy or scan things, and you need to do it away from your office, check out the Attaché.  It is a great little scanner at under $130.00.  Oh, I almost forgot to mention, this thing will scan in almost any position.  Right side up.  Upside down. Tilted.  This thing doesn’t care, it just does its job!

The Winner Award is given to the Antec Attaché for being easy to use, compact and just a great little scanner that’s only small in size but not on features!


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