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We All Need Antennas!
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By: Mike Lipshultz

I am always amazed at the number of people that use a Cell Phone in their car and then complain that they get lousy reception.


Let’s all remember that even though we call them “phones” in reality they are radios.  And have you ever tried using a Radio inside your car, without an Antenna?  It doesn’t work very well does it?


Then why do people expect their Cell Phones to work any better?  For very little money you can get an adapter that will let you not only hook your Cell Phone up to your car’s power, but to an external Antenna also.


Hate the thought of drilling a hole in your car to mount an antenna?  No need to do that.  You can get a glass mount antenna.  A glass mount attaches to the glass on your car with a special adhesive.  If you later decide to remove it, you can do so without leaving a mark.


Don’t want to advertise to the world that you have a Cell Phone ?  Then check out a great and affordable Antenna from Terk ( .  Terk  has a model they call the CFR-900/CFR-901. This is not only a Glass Mount Antenna, but is what’s known as a “cancelable” antenna.  It basically looks like a small square black rubber pad.  It mounts completely on the inside glass of the car.  Nothing on the outside to tell the world you have a Cell Phone.  Get more info at:


This is the Best Phone You Can Buy!  It’s Used By The Secret Service And The FBI !

Believe it or not I heard a Nextel representative start his talk with the above.  What a bunch of bull.  Look I’m not knocking Nextel.  But any time you hear a salesperson start off with “This Is The Best”, it’s time to put your hand over your wallet and run.


When looking for a Cell Phone, remember there is no “Best”, only the one that “Best” meets your needs.  It could be Nextel, It could be Airtouch, It could be ????  The point is, that before a salesperson starts to tell you what is best, they need to take the time to find out how you’re going to use it.  When you’re going to use it.  Where you’re going to use it, and more.


If you’re looking for some good web sites to check out cell phone offerings, look at this past issue of Water Cooler.


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