By: Mike Lipshultz

A class action Lawsuit has been filed against Toshiba in reference to an alleged defect that can result in a loss of data stored on the hard drive.  So, if you have a Toshiba Laptop Computer do yourself a favor.  Check this out:



Make That Call Before You Buy....

          Thinking about getting a new Cell Phone or changing service.  Then check out these sites:


This site lets you look at maps based on call quality in your area.  You can even zoom in to hear the call.  Unfortunately, the download time for hearing the call is a good argument for a fast Internet connection like DSL.  The maps for my area show what I personally feel.  AT&T is the way to go.  But thatís for my needs; yours may not be the same.  The site also lets you compare phones and rate plans. So check it out.


This site lets you check out and compare rate plans and different phones.


And yet one more site to check out plans and phones. 

Happy shopping.......


Now That You Have A Phone....

          Call your stock broker..... Looking for information on upcoming IPOís then this is for you : http://www.ipocentral.com 

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