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This month I needed to buy a new Cellular phone. My personal service provider in the Los Angeles area is L. A. Cellular. L. A. Cellular offers both Digital (TDMA) and traditional Analog service. My old phone was a Motorola Micro Tec Lite. A great phone but no mach for a car accident. So now I had to decide on a new phone. Do I go "Digital" or stay with an Analog only phone, that was the question. Most of the "Digital" phones I have used are subject to that Digital sound that I personally do not like. Now a large number of phones are available that will work on L. A. Cellular system. I heard good things about the brand new Motorola M-75. So I had Motorola ship me one for testing. It’s a great phone. In the last month, and over 300 minutes of talking, I have not heard that "Digital" sound.

The phone on both ends has a very high sound quality. The phone is in the traditional "flip" style. To answer or make a call you "flip" the cover open. This is not a new idea. Just a time-proven one. I do not understand not having this on every phone. The flip protects the key pad from accidentally being pushed when the phone is in your pocket. Ever sit up, pull the phone out of your pocket and found your phone was on accidentally and had called out?. Not with a Flip phone. I also like the fact that flipping the phone open turns on the lighted dialing pad. On other phones you have to push a button to turn on the light, but with the light off you can’t see the button. Hey, just flip, and your ready to dial. This phone also has a very unique "Smart Button". The "Smart button" lets you toggle between features or dial a number by just holding it down. Combined with all the other great features (no-ring, ring, vibrate, 99 name memory, and more) this is a wining phone. Plus all my old batteries work with it. So, if you’re looking for a new digital phone for TDMA, you can’t go wrong checking out the M-75.

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So what happened to the M-75 I was borrowing from Motorola? I sent Motorola a check for it. Now it’s my phone.

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