At The water Cooler

By: Mike Lipshultz

            Dogpile still on top.... 

I have been using the search engine "Dogpile" for several years now.  It is still my search engine of first choice.  On some occasions I also use Ask Jeeves and Northern Light  I don't know how they do it, but Dogpile is the fastest search engine I have ever used at any connection speed.

            Montgomery Wards bites the dust... 

I had not been into Wards in years.  As they were closing I went in to check out the "Bargains to be had".  Sad to say but even at 30% off I found the prices on the high side.  I guess that's part of the reason they went belly up.

            Easy to use phone system...

Tyler, one of our editors, has been evaluating the Siemens Gig A Set, phone system at his home office.  He was being plagued by some strange phone actions until...  Until we discovered his one year old was picking up one of the handsets, dialing a number and then transferring the call to him....  I can see the ad copy now " This phone system is so easy your one year old can use it!".

            It was time to wax the car...

It was time to wax the car.  I was going to use either Nu Finnish paste or Zymol.  Both the top rated waxes by Consumer Reports.  The Nu Finnish goes for about $6.00, the Zymol for about $13.00.  So which one is really the best-looking shine?  I checked them out on the net by using Dogpile.  Found out that not only will Zymol give you a bit better shine, but over the long haul it is better for your paint.  In short, Nu Finish is a "synthetic" and Zymol is a natural product.  As such the Nu Finish seals your paint (that is part of the reason it lasts longer), Zymol lets your paint breath.  Over the long haul your paint will hold up better if it can "breath".  I also found out that Nu Finnish and its ravel Finish 2001 are in a knock down drag out fight… over the closeness of the name.  Nu-Finish was the number one seller.  Then Turtle wax came out with Finish 2001, and it hit the sales of Nu Finish hard... So off to court...  Anyway, the net can be a great source of info.  It is like having every library in the world at your fingertips.

            Why Don't My Friends Read BizNet????

Had lunch with some friends the other day.  They both start to reach into their pocket and start to say "check this out, this is the best light I have ever seen"...  Then they pulled out the Sapphire Micro Light.  I pulled mine out of my pocket and said, "yah, I've heard of it.  The asked me where did I get mine?  I told them they had better read my Magazine.  See last month’s issue for the write up on the Sapphire.
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