This Blue Light Is Special
key chain micro light with an extremely bright light!

At CES we looked at a lot of really neat stuff.  On of those neat things was a little key chain micro light with an extremely bright light.  Now there is nothing new about Micro Lights that use very bright LED's.  But what I like about this one from ASP, called the Sapphire, is it is definitely the most stylish of them all.

The unit is about   2" long, 1' wide, and about a 1/4' thick.  It uses a brilliant blue light.  This light is so bright that I can see the light when I shine it on the floor with the room lights on.  In fact, ASP claims that this light can be seen from one mile away.

Now getting back to the "Stylish" thing.  The unit has an open triangle shaped corner that latches shut.  This makes the unit easy to hook onto a key chain.  Or lots of other places.  Hook it to a belt loop. Us it as a zipper pull.  Ladies you will find this can be hooked to just about any purse.

So, what's so great about it being easy to hook this to almost anything?  It means you will have it with you when you need it.  To make sure the unit works when you need it, the light bulb (they call it a Sapphire Crystal), and batteries (2, 3v Lithium units) have a lifetime guaranty.  The body is made out of forged aluminum.  This is truly the best Micro Light I have seen.  This is not some cheap "key Chain Light".  In fact it is a small compact emergency light, with a lifetime guaranty, made for the demands of a rough world.  It just looks like a stylish key chain light.

So if your looking for a great rugged, good looking, small bright light you can carry anywhere and that can stand up to the world, then contact ASP, at 920-735-6242.

This unit also makes a great gift item.  This is definitely one gift item that will make a positive and lasting impression.  ASP can laser engrave the units if you’re looking for a top notch promotional item.

Now you know, that this Blue Light, is special.

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