BizNet Reports On Work Place Violence
Read This Or I'll Kick Your AS..........

A recent survey has reported that 1 in 50 American workers has admitted to physically assaulting another worker! Hey, we are not talking about a co-worker, loosing it and yelling and screaming and throwing a fit.  We are talking about one person hitting, striking or kicking, another person! And 1 in 50 is just for the people willing to admit they got violent with a co-worker!

And It gets even worse:

OSHA has this to say :

" Workplace violence has emerged as an important safety and health issue in today's workplace. Its most extreme form, homicide, is the second leading cause of fatal occupational injury in the United States."

What is going on?  Have we gone MAD!

Are bosses forgetting that a happy, relaxed worker is a good worker.

Have we as a society forgotten how to relax? Chill out??????

No, we have just gotten totally utterly and completely stressed out.  We know how to have fun; we have just forgotten the importance of it.

Remember what you were told as a child.  Hitting is a NO, NO.  Look, you don't have to like or respect your co-worker.  You do have to work with them.  It's never easy to do.  When you’re stressed out, it can be impossible to do.

“I don't have time for "fun" I have a deadline to meet! “

Think about that word "DEADLine".  Look, if you absolutely have to do your job and get it done by a certain time etc., then you had better have some fun.

“Stop wasting my time! Fun does not pay the bills!”

You’re right, fun does not pay the bills, but...  It gives you the recharge you need so you can get your work done.  Look, if you get stressed out, your work quality and speed will suffer.  So, if you take the time to recharge, and de-stress, your work will be better, and go faster and more smoothly.  You will also live longer to enjoy the rewards.

So, start thinking about ways to bring some stress relief into your day.  It's OK to have fun at work.

Hey, you big bosses.... You cannot only bring some fun into the office, but you can use those fun things to build team spirit and co-worker camaraderie.  And that means more productivity and a better bottom line!

In the months to come BizNet will be talking about, and showing you, different ways of reducing stress, from simple things every worker can do by themselves to team and family events.

After all, when you know someone, socialize and have fun with them, it makes working and communicating with then easier!

So take a break and do something fun!

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