At The water Cooler

By: Mike Lipshultz

Mad TV...

            I like it.  Has the edge that Saturday Night Live used to have.  They did a great bit on one of those psychic fortunetellers (like you see on TV).  They showed a person calling into the psychic.  Psychic tells them how great their powers are.  Person asks... What happened on September 10th?  Were you feeling a little sick that day?  And so on… I loved it.

Why Are You Calling...?

            I hate sales folks that just can't spit out why they are calling.  You know, you get that call that goes like "Hi, this is Mary how are you today, how is the family, do you like your phone service"...  You ask them "Why are you calling and what do you want?"...  They just start all over again.   I found a new way to deal with them.   I put them on hold. Then come back, only to put them back on hold... I do it over and over and over.... Until I tell them, sorry call back, I'm out of time need to go...  After all, if they are wasting my time, shouldn't I do the same for them?

Were Did The Flags Go?

            I'm seeing less and less flags on cars, more folks no longer feeling the need to show their patriotism.  I think it's wrong.  Please folks, show a flag, bumper stick, lapel pin or something.  Why?  I'll tell you my reason.  I have never been one to show patriotism by displaying a flag etc, but now I do display my colors.  Why?  We are at war.  I do it to show my support for my country and more importantly as a show of respect and appreciation for those fighting this war, so I can stay safely at home writing this magazine.  So why are you not showing your support. 

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