Officer I was Just Standing There When Two Giants Cell Phones Attacked Me!
Hello for 12-2000
By: Mike Lipshultz

No, the above is no a statement made by someone leaving the local pub at 2:00 a.m., but a victim of the Cell Phone Bashers.  Cell Phone Bashers?  Really I don't make this up.  Check out the Web site at : .  This is the site (or supposed site) of some anti Cell Phone guys that go around London grabbing and smashing Cell Phones.

So is it real?  Personally I think the whole thing is a hoax, but it points out the fact that some folks are just plain feed up with Cell Phone users.  I could go on and on telling folks how to be responsible Cell Phone users, but it's a waste of time.  Lets face it, those folks using Cell Phones to the detriment of the rest of us or just stupid people that just don't get it.  They are the same folks that will park in a handicap spot and when confronted with it, look at you like you just don't understand that they will only be a minute or so.  You know the type.  They empty the trash from their car on the ground.  They open their car door into your car even with you sitting in your car.  They walk around the grocery store eating food they are not going to pay for.  They take off from a red light before it turns green (after all the light in the other direction turned yellow).   They speed up and run red lights (hay it was yellow, when they hit the gas).  They walk their dog over to your lawn.  They never show up for a meeting on time.......  In other words, yes, even stupid rude, inbreed, morons can buy a Cell Phone.

Cancer and Cell Phones????

The jury is still out.  The latest report from Europe states that children really should not be using them.  Would I give a Cell Phone to my kid?  YES!  No, I would not let my kid talk on it four hour after hour.  I would teach my child what a cell phone is for "short important calls".  I firmly believe cell phones should never be used to replace the "normal phone".  Save those everyday conversations for when your at your home, not for when you walking down the street.

Cell phones are great.  They give the world lots of freedom and increased productivity, but,  if for no other reason then the world around you can hear what your saying, keep your conversations short and to the point.  If your in the privacy of your car, your main concentration needs to be on your driving not on your phone call.  Think it takes no brains to drive?  Your wrong.  Driving is not hard.  You push the gas, car goes.  But being alert to the roadway and the drivers around you takes effort.  Is the driver to your left suddenly going to have a blow out?  Is the truck in front of you going to spill it's load.  Is someone going to run that light?  In driving, you have to be constantly alert to the world around you.  Your head can't be into the conversation your having, be it with a passenger, or on the phone.  So, if you give your kid a Cell Phone, talk to them about how to use it.


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