Squeezing The Mileage Out Of That Gallon Of Gas
Give You Car A Treat ! 

By Mike Lipshultz

Yes, it is true put one and only one of our super molecular bio ionizing  triangular square balls in you gas tank and get 100 miles per gallon... Super sale price, now only $19.00!

Without a doubt there are lots of things you can spend your time and money on, to try to get more mileage out of that gallon of gas.

But a lot of them truly do not work, but that does not stop folks from spending money on them.

And even more astonishing, ignoring a lot of the things that do work.

So lets take a look at things that are simple, good for your car, and do work.

Get Gassed!

First the gas you put into your car.  Lots of folks put premium into their cars, even though the manufacture states you do not need to.  Still others ignore the fact that the manufacture states premium only, and put a lower octane in.

Both of these folks are totally wrong.  Putting in high octane does nothing good for your car, if it does not need it.  You are wasting your money!  Please believe me, I have written about this over and over...

Putting lower octane into a car that needs the high rated stuff is a waste also.  You force the computer to scale back the power the engine can deliver and you make you car work harder.  Not the best thing you can do for an engine.  Also you will get lower MPG, then if you used the higher octane.  The increase in MPG and not making your car work harder,  will offset the cost of the gas.  But please understand this is only true for cars that are designed for higher octane gas.

Full Of Hot Air.... 

It's good for your car...  At least it is good for your car's tires to be full of air.  For the best ride comfort go by the air pressure the manufacture of your car states.  For best MPG, go with the pressure that is rated on the tire.  Do Not Ever Over Inflate Your Tire!  Check the tire pressure when the tires are cold.  Use a good pressure gauge.  Not something you got for 99 cents.  Invest in one of those 12 volt air pumps.  They plug into your cigarette lighter and make it easy to set the air pressure.  I had one years ago were you set the pressure you wanted on the pump, and it turned off when it got the tire up to it.

Take A Cruse! 

If you have cruise control use it when safe to do so.  It really will help.

Give You Car A Treat ! 

Every 3 months or 3,000 mile give your car an oil change and filter.  Not only will your car keep going and going, but you will get the best performance out of it.  And yes if you want try synthetic oil, you can go longer without the change, and they help even more.  Once every 6,000 to 10,000 miles put a can of fuel system cleaner in your car.  It helps to keep the "insides" clean and keeps the MPG up.  I personally like the one Chem Tool makes.  The price is nice and it works. www.berrymanproducts.com

Help Me, I Can't Breath!

Help you car breath better.  More air, better performance, and so on.  Do not forget to check your air filter at every oil change and replace as needed, or better yet, get one of those "performance" air filters from K&N.  See related story More Horse Power From You Car, And Better MPG !!!

Keeping A Tune.

Keep you car in tune.  Get the car tuned up at regular intervals.  See your owners manual.  Keeping your car running with good spark plugs and wires makes a difference.

Tips I Don't Follow?

O.K., I don't do the following, and most likely you will not either, but they do work. 

Slow Down

Keep to the speed limit.  When the speed limit is 55 and all those folks are zooming by at 65 to 80, stay in the slow lane at 55 and get better MPG.

No Rush Man!

Don't take off from lights so fast, take it slow and easy, and when you see the light ahead is red, coast to it.  Get off the gas.  Otherwise you are just burning gas to hit the brakes.

One last word, Octane Boosters.... Other then Berrymans every now and then to clean things out, I have yet to see one that was worth the money.  However I will say that Water Injection system do work.  I have a unit on my 84 Saab.  Yep, it runs on gas and water!

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