Yes, You Can Run Your Car On Water!
Water Are You Nuts!
(Part Two Of Two Parts)

No I’m not, yes you can use water to run your car and NO, YOU DON’T JUST PUT WATER IN YOUR GAS TANK.

Here is the deal.

Water when properly “injected” into the engine, will mix with and become part of the fuel mixture.  Now the water in itself is not used as a fuel.  It is injected into the engine for the interaction and reaction it creates with the combustion process.

The effect of injected water is beneficial in 3 ways:

It acts as an engine cooler

It cleans the engine

It acts to effectively raise the “Octane” rating of the gas you are using.

The cooling effect is different than the effect your radiator has.  By injecting the water into the engine, by mixing it into the air/fuel mixture, it reduces the temperature of not only the air coming into your engine, but when combustion does accrue in the cylinder, some of the heat that would have gone into the engine is absorbed by the water.

The cleaning effect happens when the water absorbs the heat of the combustion.  In effect it acts to “steam” clean the inside of your engine.

Now the above two things can greatly add to the life and health of your engine.  But the number one reason folks use a water Injection system is the effect it has on the “Octane” rating of the gas.  A water injection system will, just by adding water to the air fuel mix, take 91 octane to an effective rating of over 100 octane.

WOW, why doesn’t everyone use Water injection! Because, most folks don’t need it.  Remember that your car gets no benefit from an Octane rating above and beyond what it can use.  So only folks that have a high compression or turbo charged engine really benefit from a water injection system.  It can also help folks that have a knocking or pinging problem when towing.

Why don’t all these folks have one already?  It is because they make the mistake of letting the price scare them off.  Some systems go for as much as $800.00.

Mistake?  Yes, folks forget that by installing a water injection system, in exchange for a onetime expense, they no longer need those expensive bottles of octane boosters.  All they need to add is water.

How does this matter?  Remember the $300.00 per year conservative figure we used in part one?  Let me ask you this.  Would you rather spend $800.00 one time and one time only, or spend $300.00 a year, year after year, for all the years you own your car?  Also after spending that $300.00 per year, you only have the fun you had with your car to show for it.  But spend that one time $800.00 and you still had the fun, got to use water injection that helps your car last longer, added to the resale value of your car….. Stopped buying anything for octane boosters, and as the years go on you are just saving more money……

Does this stuff really work?  Yes, I have it on my own car.  About one month ago I installed an Aquamist system on my car.  The system we put on was their basic system 1A.  It has a listed price of about $400.00.

The system came with everything needed to install the system.  The installation was very straightforward and easy to do. I would say that if you can do your own tune ups, you can do this installation.

My car is a turbo charged Saab, that has almost 300,00 miles on it, and is about 18 years old.  It does have an electronic engine control system, and needs at least 91 octane gas.  If it gets better then 91 octane, the engine management system will let the car put out more power (this is true of most modern turbo or high compression cars).

The effects instantly surprised me.  Can you say WOW?  It really affected the performance of the car.  In addition now that it has been on for a month, the car just runs better.  Why?  The system has been cleaning the inside of the engine for a month.

At this time I am using about one gallon of water for every 16 gallons of gas.

I had the system installed by my mechanic (actually we both did it.  We had a mechanic do it and go over the car, so the evaluation would be fair).  The reason I bring this up is that my mechanic flat out told me he knows about water injection and it does work, but he never felt it was worth the money.  I asked if he ever used one.  The answer was no. After we got the system on and tested it, my mechanic took the car for a spin.  He came back totally amazed and sold on water injection.  In fact he is getting one for his car.

So, if you have an Octane related problem, ask yourself, do you want to spend all that money year after year with nothing to show for it, or do you want to switch over to water?  If it helps, all the manufacturers of octane boosters I talked to agreed that a water injection system was a better economical solution for the person that is currently putting octane booster in their car on every tank full.

Check out the Aquamist system at:

For making me and my mechanic go WOW, BizNet gives the Aquamist system the WOW award.


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