Dating In The Cyber Age Part ll

With all of us ďsingle folksĒ feeling a little extra ďaloneĒ, with recent events, I thought now may just be the right time for part two of our article on dating in the Cyber Age.

First letís review some of the basic rules.

        Every rule of dating and safety in the real world applies to the Cyber world.

        A little safety can go a long way.

        Donít give too much ďpersonalĒ information too soon.  Like your home address, etc.

        In short, a little paranoia can be a healthy thing


That said, letís get back to the subject of dating.

I implore everyone reading this, not to let your feelings of needing someone in your life, blind your common sense.

It never pays to have just  ďanyoneĒ in your life because itís better than being alone.  No one has ever had to go through the relationship from hell, or had to find a way to drop the psycho in their life , because they were alone.

Use your time ďaloneĒ to be good to yourself.  Do the things you like.  Spend the time with friends.  Go have some fun.

Now for meeting someone on line:  I found the Cyber world to be the same as the real world, with all the flakes and all the real folks.  The online personals really are the same as the ads in the local paper.  The only difference is that the ďOnLineĒ ads have a lot more information and there are a lot more of them.

Information overload??????

With millions of online ads itís easy to feel like youíre in overload.  How can you possibly look at all of those ads? 

You donít have to.  The Cyber sites will help you filter them down.  By things like age range.  Location.  Kids or no kids. Smoking or non-smoking, and so on.

Feel free to be picky.  Or at least on the things that matter to you.  Remember you are not going to find the perfect person.  They do not exist.  And just for the record youíre not perfect either.  The thing to look for is someone with the important things in common with you.

Important?  Yes, but only you know whatís important to you.  What you will and will not accept.  If you donít know, you had better start making that list right know.

We should also talk about behavior.  A dating relationship is much like a business relationship.  It works best with honesty and mutual respect.  Read up on some of our NetWorking articles for more tips.

So, does this Cyber thing work.  Yes.  And it is a small world.  I meet a fair number of folks, some more real than others.  I also met one lady that proved it was a small world.  We met online, then for coffee.  In talking we discovered we had a very good friend in common.

You donít always get what you think....

In checking out the ďSinglesĒ event listings in the local paper, I found some interesting and some ... Well amusing.


I kid you not ďAn event for Wealthy Men and their Woman AdmirersĒ....  Sounded like a good place to find a woman to love me for me... Oh, I mean love me for my money.

Others are just not as claimed

I went to one advertised as a singles dance.  The truth.  It was at a local hotel/restaurant.  The musician that plays in the bar runs the ad to get folks into the bar.  The Hotel had no idea about the ad.  The majority of the folks were married vacationers, just hanging out in the bar.

Or the ones that front for a dating service.  To go into the dance you have to join.  They donít tell you that until you show up.  They promise you lots of lovely partners inside.  No, you canít look in until you join and pay that fee.  No, thanks, I know a bad deal when I see one.

Not all bad.

I went to one dance in the local Glendale area.  I found the age range a little higher than I was told.  That said, there was a good DJ playing and a good mix of men and women in the room.  I was one of the younger ones in the room.  It did not help that even though Iím 47 I look like at most Iím in my mid 30ís.  I actually had to show my drivers license to a woman or two to get them to believe I was close to their age.  I know, Iím so cursed with a young look.

Not done yet.

This report is not done yet, Iím still looking into such things as speed dating, and checking out more Dating web sites.  Iíll let you know what I find.

One other source.

The one other source Iíve not talked about is friends and acquaintances etc.  Let your friends etc. know your looking to meet someone.  They may just know that right person for you.  That said, if you know someone for me, drop me a line at:

If you missed part one read it here:

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