The Single Business Person
And The New Millennium

Hey, Its The 21st Century.  Computers are running at over 1 gig.  Your car talks to you.  You can send a fax, E-Mail and make phone calls from a thing smaller than a pack of smokes!

So, why can't you get a date!

Most single business people I know (including myself) work a basic 24/7/365 schedule.  In other words, we are very busy folks. 

Now I can't talk for everyone, but for myself, it's not that I'm a Work-A-Holic.  It's that I love the things I give my time to.  Not just this magazine, but also some other business ventures, and a non-profit group or two.

O.K., so if I'm doing a 24/7/365 thing how do I expect to maintain a relationship if I find one?  Easy I will make the time.  What I hate to do is take the time away from other things to try to find that someone.  So with this in mind, BizNet takes a look at Dating in the 21st Century.

We will be looking at the old fashioned things like personals, in the newspaper.  Going to local "singles events", and online dating.

If you have any suggestions just E-Mail us at:

For the last few months I have done some playing around on some of the many singles web sites out there.  With out a doubt, just like in the brick and mortar world, some things are better than others, and some are not as they seem.


Never, but never use your real E-Mail address.  Never!  You will get more Spam, than Florida had screwed up votes!  Go to a service like hotmail ( ) and set up an E-Mail account just for your "dating" needs.  Use this E-Mail for all correspondence.  Even when you sign up at the assorted dating and single sites out there.

I have one I set up at Hot Mail.  I get about 30 to 60 Spams a day, all from my Internet dating.  Some sites do give out your address even though they say they don't.  Also some ads and some responses to the ads you post are just done by spammers to collect E-Mail address.  So please, Never Give Out Your Real Address!


There are bad people out there in the real world.  They will play with your head and take your money or worse!  Guess what?  They are on the web also.   So be it the real world or the virtual world, be smart and don't believe everything you see or hear!


Getting a "love" connection is much like making a business connection.  Read BizNet NetWorking section.  A lot of what can be said for business networking is good advice in the dating world.  And don't forget last month’s article "Mr. Mint, He Is Your Friend".

A company called MacthNet runs one site I will be talking about.  I was using another site run by AmericanSingles, however MatchNet recently took them over and merged it into another site.  They are located at  I liked the general format from AmericanSingles more, but to be fair, it will take some time to complete the "marriage" of the two sites and come up with a completely new one.  If you want to check out MacthNet and their web site surf on over to:

If you are looking for some great dating advice check out  Eve Eschner Hogan's web site at: 


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