At The water Cooler

By: Mike Lipshultz

Is It Me Or Does This Suck......

Have you seen Chrysler's commercial to help get America "back on the road"...  They’re doing their part by giving you a no interest loan if you buy one of their cars or trucks..........  Some help!  How about giving some of the profits to the victim’s families!

Kill Them All And Let God Sort Them Out...

I'll keep this short.  If the above is your belief, then you are a terrorist, and you should be locked up.  Kill them all...  Like every man, woman, and child?  With no regard for nationality, religion, ethnic group, etc....  Just, if they are there they die?  Sounds a lot like the victims of the World Trade Center.  Men, Women, and Children.  Of all religious beliefs, nationalities, and ethnic groups.

And The Morons Take To The Air........

Can you believe it; some folks see nothing wrong with having a ten or twelve inch meat cleaver in their carryon luggage!

And Then There Is This Guy!

One guy in Los Angeles was upset at getting caught smoking in the bathroom in the airplane he was on (a major no-no).  So he yelled at the flight crew to leave him alone as "they did not know who he was and that his people would kill them all"...  Now he is in jail, being held without bail, and his wife thinks it’s unfair.  Personally if you’re that stupid to act that way (assuming you were just "talking out your #$^%” and did not really mean it) you deserve to be locked up, till you learn to use your brain.

What Kind Of Patriot Is This?

Hey, I know American Flags are hard to get, but what kind of "patriot" steels a flag from someone else's home.  I guess we are not only seeing the best in people but the worst too.  If you need to show your support but can't find a flag, no big deal, just go here to get a free bumper sticker. 

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