Letís Throw That Trade Show Money Away!

Here I go ranting and raving again.  Just came back from two trade shows in the Anaheim, California area.  I will not tell the names of the shows, as this is not a nice article.

No, there was nothing wrong with the shows themselves.  It was what I saw some of the exhibitors doing.

Look, I don't care how much their booth space cost.  I will say at least $1,000.00.  So why would there not be anyone there?  Lets spend a grand or more to get business and then just piss on it.

Piss on it.  Pretty strong language.  Yeh, I know.  But when you lay out the bucks, and don't even go???  You tell me.

Look, I know stuff happens.  People quit.  Get fired.  Get hurt.  Displays get lost in shipment.  I know all that stuff.

So letís say it hits the fan just before you go.  Almost everyone quits your company.  Your trade show booth is shipped to the wrong city and then lost.  What do you do?  Not show???? NO!

You get somebody, anybody to man your space; even if you only hire someone from a temp agency to stand there and pass out information.  It still makes a better impression on visitors than seeing youíre not even there.  Hey, get a big piece of cardboard and write on it, ďWe need your business, someone stole our display!Ē  People will get a laugh.   They will understand.  You will still get something for your money.

Hey, it's the last day of the show.  Lets pack up and leave.  Hey you moron.  The show is still open.  There are customers coming in.  Yes traffic is a lot less on the last day.  And that is why you should be there.  Lots of very serious buyers come to the show on the last day.  It is less crowded.  They can get in and out easier.  They don't have to fight with the looky-lous, just to talk to your sales rep.  So sit down, stop packing up, and work the show.

When I see someone packing up early the first thing I think is that their company is so bad that no one would talk to them the whole show.

O. K. I have ranted and raved enough for now.  I feel better until the next moron does a trade show.

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