Can We Put A Little Cash In Your Pocket?
Is BizNet Going IPO?


As you read this, BizNet Online Magazine is putting the finishing touches on some major upgrades.  

Upgrades?  That’s right, we’re making some major improvements to this place.  In no time at all, in addition to the Magazine, we will have a complete OnLine Store.  That’s right, you can read about it… and buy it. Also, for all of our business readers, we are setting up a Business Service Center.  This will be set up to offer our readers the best deals we can get you on Long Distance, Merchant Accounts (so you can take credit cards), and the best Bad Check Guaranty Program we have seen!


So, what’s in it for BizNet?  Money! 

So what’s in it for You? Money!


That is to say, how do WE cash in on this value?   We? Yea I said We.   Not us, not you, We... as in both the readers of BizNet OnLine Magazine and BizNet OnLine Magazine, and yes, readers mean YOU! But more on that later...


The plan is very simple.  Add some great services etc., to an already great web site, and really increase the traffic flow to the site. Traffic Flow?  Hits...  It’s all about how many Hits (visitors) we get to the site.  More hits mean this site has more value.


First, BizNet OnLine Magazine cashes in on this increased value by being able to get higher rates for advertising.  After all, more visitors (Hits, Man Hits) mean more people see those ads.  So, we can charge more....


Big Deal, So BizNet gets to make more money, what does that do for you the reader?

OK, So the great Long Distance Rates, The Merchant Account, and the best Bad Check Guaranty Program we have ever seen is not enough for you?  Let’s try this thought…


If, and we’re just saying if, BizNet Online Magazine, can generate the magic it takes (think Hits, Hits, and more HITS!) to go public....  Get this.... You know an I-P-O, yea! An IPO. (Now comes the part about cash in your pocket) Then we are looking at putting some free stock in your pocket.  Free!   Stock!!!!, Now this is starting to sound good... OK, now we have your attention....  Basically, the only way WE can do this is with your help, you, our readers.  Without you logging onto This Web Site Everyday, Day In And Day Out It’s not going to happen.  So, it is really up to you.  If you want to see an IPO for BizNet OnLine Magazine, you need to help.  Tell your friends. Tell your friends’ friends.  Tell your friends to tell their friends; heck, tell everyone to log onto this site.  Hey, even tell your enemies... We mean tell everyone.


Then.... If the hits go up, and up and UP.... Bingo, we may just get that IPO going...

So, how do you get this “Free Stock” ... we’re still working out all the details, but it is going to be a pretty basic deal.  You know.  Log on and register.  Get an ID Number to use as your own.  Have your friends register and get their own ID Number.  When your friends register, they give your ID number so we know that it was you that sent them.... Then if we can get that Magical IPO going, we give out the “Free Stock” to those that helped us make the magic happen. You, the reader.


So how will you know if, when, or how, this is going to happen????

Easy, just keep checking in on the Magazine. 

Believe me... As soon as we get all the details hammered out, you will see it in big letters on the front page. (The lawyers etc., are still are working on the fine details and all that stuff on how to get in on this deal.)  Just keep looking for it...  In the meantime, don’t forget to check out the upcoming BizNet Business Center and OnLine Store.


How can you help to speed things up? The best way to get things going is to make BizNet Online Magazine your “Home Page”.  That way, every time you start up your browser, you “automatically” start here at BizNet Online Magazine. And, our hits go up and up… and you know what that can mean!!!!



Make BizNet Online Magazine your “Home” page.


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