Tell Me, You Know You Want To Tell Me.........
Hello for 10-2000
By: Mike Lipshultz

Actually I don't want you to tell you , I want to tell you about Tell Me.  Have I confused you yet?  If so go to : and you will not be confused.

This is the Web Site of a company called Tellme.  This company is not only one to watch but to listen to.  Listen to? Yes, Tellme uses a Voice Recognition System (that really works) to tell you all kinds of information over the phone.  Any phone.

Need a stock report, Tellme.

Need an update on your favorite soap, Tellme.

Need to find a restaurant, Tellme.

Need a traffic report, Tellme.

You get the idea.  Personally I love the traffic reports.  My local cell phone company offers free traffic reports, but sometimes I have to redial, or get put on hold.  With Tellme, I get it now.

The first time I used the system I called 888-555-tellme.  The system answered the phone.  I immediately said traffic.  I then said Los Angeles.  The system gave me a traffic report for Los Angeles.  I said good-bye.  It said good-bye.

I tried my usual trick for messing things up.  Going fast.  The system had no problem with me.  This system simply works.

Tellme makes their money by throwing in ads.  The ads are extremely short and not intrusive.  I personally hate having to sit though an ad to get what I want.  But these ads are no sweat.

Down the line the system will add more features.   I look forward to not only traffic reports, but directions too.

Look for this system to be picked up by Cell phone companies as a way to add voice features to any phone.  This system will also make any phone capable of surfing the web by phone, so keep your eye on this company.

This system works.  The voice recognition is flawless.  The whole thing makes you go WOW.  So we gave it the WOW Award!


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