At The water Cooler

By: Mike Lipshultz

Got To Love Those Grocery Sales.

I live in a small town, with several large grocery stores.  Every Wednesday they put out their discount ads to get you to come in.  Now being a small town, if I drove to every store I would put about 10 miles on my car.  Not a big thing.  Just got back from the weekly grocery buying. I only bought sales items I like and use.  Hit 3 stores.  Spent about $50.00.  Saved about $90.00.  Not bad.  And I did not use any coupons.

In Or Out?????

Good thing I never follow directions.  One of the markets had both a pull and a push sign on their front door.  Hey, If I pulled and pushed at the same time I would never have gotten in.

I Write Can For Good You.

Got to love those companies that write product directions in their native language, then use an English to? Dictionary to translate it.  I tried to read one the other day.  It was the worst I had seen in a long time.  And I quote ď On the side of the light of red you see no incoherent rays.Ē

Yes, Iím Lying To You...

How come when some folks get the wrong number they just never seem to believe that they have the wrong phone number?  Sometimes they even get mad at you.  For those folks I do something special.  I admit I lied.  That they do have the right number.  Itís just that we have decided we hate them and donít want to talk to them, so we lied.  I know itís sick and twisted.  But it is fun.

Hey, Itís Only A $24,000.00 Cell Phone

For a Cell Phone to cost $24,000.00 you would expect that that is with development cost, or that the thing is just totally incredible.  Like push a button and it turns into a car or something.  Nope, just your plain old cell phone.  Sort of. These have diamonds and stuff like that.  Even made of platinum.  All for the ďlookĒ.  I donít know.  I break or lose my phone too often to even see spending much more then $100.00 on one.  But a company in London is selling these babies......
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