At The water Cooler

By: Mike Lipshultz

You’re Dumb, No You’re Dumb...

The great Dumb Contest is on.  The contestants are the United States and Australia.  Last month a dead whale was floating off shore in Australia.  Great White Sharks were feeding on it.  “Tourists” were going out and “playing” with the dead whale and sharks.  Now in California we have a dead whale and sharks floating off shore.  Will our “tourist” out stupid theirs?  Time will tell.

Still Dumb...

Let’s make it legal to kill local TV news reporters.  God are these folks dumb or what.  They get on my nerves… They say the stupidest things. Total airheads.  I just saw a report on how fast a young man was going in his brand new Ford Mustang at a local drag strip that just opened.  Why is that dumb???  The guy they interviewed and were talking about was in a 1960 Chevy Impala....

Real Phone Call... From The Dumb Zone...

Thank you for calling how may we help you...?

No response...

Again, Thank you for calling how may we direct your call?

Still nothing.


Oh, yes.

O.K., How can we help you?

Can I get some information on your company?

Yes, sir.  Would you like to get that over the phone or would you like us to mail something to you?

I told you.  I just want some information on your company.

O.K., I will be happy to answer your questions. What would you like to know about our company?

What is wrong with you! I just want some information on your company!

Yes, sir. I understand.  Ask me a question about our company and I will answer it.

Oh, go to hell... I don’t have time to think of questions... Click.... Line goes dead...

Maybe it was a TV News Reporter calling?

Don’t Ask Me How I Know. But...

Did you know you have to heat a CD up to about 375 to 400 degrees before it even starts to soften and melt.  Just for the record.  Lower temperatures can mess-up the data on them.

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