It's Idiot Proof!

By: Mike Lipshultz

Anyone that says this has never met the truly determined idiot.  Nothing, I repeat, nothing is idiot proof.  Look, there is a reason that a bottle of Shampoo comes with directions.  There is also a reason that emergency rooms see people that hurt themselves with a bottle of Shampoo.

I just saw a news item that Disney is being "picketed" over their new film "102 Dalmatians".  After 101 Dalmatians everyone wanted to get a cute spotted puppy.  After the realities of having a pain in the butt Dalmatian hit, the pound filled up with these cute spotted dogs.  Pain in the Butt???  Hey, Dalmatians are great dogs.  We have one here at BizNet.  Dalmatians are also very strong headed.  This makes them hard to train.  I swear you can see the dog looking at you and you know it is thinking: “I know I'm not supposed to do it.... But”... and the dog does it.  Like I said, hard to train.  Also Dalmatians are demanding of your time.  They need lots of attention.  They are not a leave'em in the backyard kind of dog.

So, back to the Disney thing.  This group wants Disney to run a disclaimer that Dalmatians are not the same in real life as they are in the movies.

This is the Idiot factor.  You mean the things I see in the moves are not real!!!!!!  Look, the same idiots that get their kids Easter Bunnies and Baby Ducks are buying these poor dogs.  The same folks that then dump those poor animals in the "wild" when their kids get tired of them.

How about just saying NO to your kids.  Anything raised in a pet shop does not have the ability to live in the wild.

I can guarantee you that after the new Dalmatian movie comes out, more folks will be buying Dalmatians.  And no, these idiots will not adopt abandoned ones.  They will go to breeders and increase the need for more puppies.

Too bad you don't need a brain to breed (that goes for Kids and/or Dogs.

Where In The World Is Tina????

Some of you may remember a great little voice mail auto attendant system called Tina, by Datacom.  It sold for under $250.00 and did just about everything.  Multiple mailboxes, call forwarding, call in/out, lots of neat stuff.  Looks like Tina has been abandoned by Datacom.  The company has changed their name, moved to Silicone Valley and is now concentrating on selling custom communication chips.  So if you’re looking for Tina or info on her, the new company is at:

The old phone number of 1-888-TINA-789 still works but it goes to the "New" company.

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