Why You Should “Flip” Your Phone”
Hello for 8-2001
By: Mike Lipshultz

Personally I have never liked “open face” cell phones.  You know, the ones that have no cover covering the “keys”.  I have always preferred the type that “flip” open, or at least have a “sliding” key cover.  Why?  Because I know it’s only a matter of time before a “key” is hit when the phone is in my pocket, and the phone dials out.

With a “flip” phone this cannot happen.

In fact in the last few weeks Scotland Yard has been complaining that about 1 in 4 calls are by an ”accidental cell phone activation”.  Also Reno, Nevada just stated they get about 200 such calls a day.

I have had my phone ring, only to find that someone I knew had activated their phone without knowing it.  In fact I was able to listen in on the complete conversation.

So, stop using those “open face” phones and flip out instead.

Yes, folks, I know that you can push a button or two and turn the key pad off, so this will not happen, but.... No One Uses That Feature!

For more on this problem see the Article this month entitled “Not Here You Don’t”.

And if you have one of those “open” style phones, please use the feature that deactivates the keypad.

Now if you don’t care if your phone activates because you never get a good connection, then we have news for you.

Terk does it again!

Check out Terk’s new line of cell phone antennas at:


Here at BizNet I just had the CFR-903 antenna installed in my car.  First off, not only is this unit extremely small, the wire connecting it to my hands-free kit is extremely thin and flexible compared to any other antenna wire I have ever seen.

Installing the unit to my existing kit was easy.  I just placed the antenna on my inside glass as stated in the directions.  I then ran the wire to the car kit.  As this wire is unusually thin and flexible, it made running the wire very easy to do.

Now once again, Terk has proved that they not only make antennas that look good, but work great too.

My reception is great.  And I was already using another glass mount antenna.

So check out Terk’s full lineup.  Hey you can even get a color to match your car.

BizNet Gives Terk’s new line of Cell antennas the Winner Awards!


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