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By: Mike Lipshultz

And The Top Ten Are…

According to Panda Software the top ten Viruses for this year are:

1.)   W32/Magistr (also known as W32/Disemboweler), a polymorphic worm that infects files with an EXE or SCR extension located on the hard disk or available network drives.

2.)   I-Worm/MTX, dangerous due to the fact that it encompasses a virus, a worm and a Trojan.

3.)   W32/Hybris is ranked in third place. In addition to controlling outbound e-mail, this virus is also capable of updating itself by downloading plugins.

4.)   W32/Navidad.B, is a worm that goes resident as a visible process in the list of active tasks in the computer.

5.)   PrettyPark is a worm that can expose data such as passwords or private access keys of an IRC channel.

6.)   W32/FunLove.4096 infects Win32bit PE files with an EXE (executable files), OCX (ActiveX Controls) or SCR extension in Win 9x and WinNT platforms. It can use any of the usual means of propagation, such as floppy disks, CD-ROMs, networked computers, Internet, FTP and files attached to or embedded in e-mail messages.

7.)   JS/KAK.WORM is also worth mentioning. This worm is written in Visual Basic Script and in order to spread it uses a security hole in the e-mail application Outlook Express. The virus inserts itself in the AutoSignature of all outbound mail.

8.)   The worm VBS/HELP infects files with HTML, HTM, ASP, VBS and HTT extensions. This virus also uses Outlook Express to propagate, hiding in the default background of e-mail messages. If the total of the date and month equals 13 when it is activated, this virus goes from infecting files with an HTM, ASP, VBS and HTT extension and looks for and deletes files with DLL and EXE extensions.

9.)   VBS/Valentin. This virus can be received as HTML code inserted in the AutoSignature of a message and sends itself to all of the entries in the address book. It also generates random mobile telephone numbers and sends a text message to them.

10.)                       VBS.Homepage.B@mm is a worm that is designed to send a copy of itself to all of the entries in the Outlook address book and open the Internet browser at Web pages related to the Uruguayan government.


With all the above, and the new “Code Red” and you’re still not running a virus program full time???  The get your mouse over to:


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