Why does my new clear digital phone
sound like CRAP?

(But Pure Digital CRAP!)

Well we made the jump from an analog cellular phone to the all new (to us) digital phone, all digital, what crap this is. This digital thing SUCKS our phone has an echo on 2/3 of the calls and the other 1/3 still suck, the only good thing about digital verses analog is that the bill has been reduced by half with 100% of the calls sounding like junk. What a scam this is! Who is making money off of this? Your Phone Company, thatís who. When you use the analog phone you are tying up the same connection that over 50 digital phone users can use, so the phone company is making at least 50 times what they were making off of us analog users. The scam is on and we are getting hosed! But only by half of what we were paying before.

Hey  Motorola, Nokia, and Ericson, how about making a Digitail phone that does not sound like one!

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