Hello? Hello? Can You Hear Me???? Oh, No… The Battery Is Going Dead….

In an emergency the last thing you want when using your Cell Phone is for the battery to die.  Of course if no one can hear you, it doesn’t matter if the battery dies.

            With this in mind, BizNet OnLine takes a look at Andrew’s DriveTime Cable Kits.  The name is a little misleading.  When you hear the word “kit” you think about all kinds of parts and installation requirements.  The truth is this “kit” really has no parts to put together, and is a snap to hook up.  In fact the hook up is so simple I don’t want to use the word install.  The “Kit” comes with a Cigarette Lighter plug on one end, and a custom plug (made specifically for your phone) on the other end.  Attached to this power cable is a magnetic mount outside antenna.  The cord attaching the antenna to the power cord is an extremely good length so finding a place to put the antenna on the outside of the car is a snap.

            Why bother with this?  If you have a portable fm radio you can see for yourself.  Stand outside your car.  Turn the radio on and tune in a station.  Now take the radio into your car with the doors closed and the windows up.  Now just move the radio around.  Notice how bad the reception gets?  The same thing happens when you are using a Cell phone in your car.  Yes you can use the phone without an outside antenna, however, your ability to connect, and the connection itself will be much better with an outside antenna attached.

            When you add a battery charger/power adapter to it, you have a winning combination.  If you use a Cell phone this is really a must have accessory. If you tend to move from car to car, or use rental cars, this “kit” only takes about a minute to move from car to car.  Add a headset to this unit and you have a complete hands free, external power and antenna unit.

            Check out Andrew at : http://www.andrew.com/home/default.asp


            See this unit at : http://www.andrew.com/whatsnew/newproducts/viewnewproduct.asp?id=410

For being easy to use and the perfect solution to that need for external power and an antenna, BizNet Online Magazine Gives the DriveTime Cable Kit the On Target Award!

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