At The Water Cooler

By: Mike Lipshultz

Is It Me Or????

I Get It!

Do me a favor check out this Web Site: 

Can you tell what they do?  I could.  I thought the site was reasonably clear on it.  So, how come they get people calling because they think that this company will pay them 90% of every bad check they write AND they will never have to pay the money back!!!!  I kid you not.  I'm not making this up.

Big Yellow Green Fire Truck

Just driving down the street the other day.  Looked in my review and saw a Big Bright Yellow Green Fire Truck coming down the street. Red Lights and Siren a going.  So, I pulled over to the curb to get out of the way (must be why the law says to do that).  As I sat watching the Fire truck approach, the guy who was in the center lane just stopped where he was.  He never bothered to pull over and out of the way.  Did he see the Fire Truck?  You tell me.  He put his arm out his window and motioned for the truck to go around him.  After the truck passed he drove on.... Right through a red light.


Is That To Go?

I did a "Road Trip" the other month with some friends.  We talked car to car by "CB" radio.  I was elected to stop at the fast food place and pick up the food for everyone.  Walked into the place by myself.  No one around me.  Ordered a major boat load of food and drinks.  Kid asks me "For here or to go?"  Told him "to go" I can't eat that much food by myself.  So he started bagging up the order.  He only stopped a few more times to ask me "for here or to go?"  I was nice.  I never changed my mind.  Always told him "to go".  Got the food paid, and left.  Later found out I did get my order to go.  I also got two other orders.  Not bad I only paid for mine.  And they say good help is hard to find.


Hey Officer!

I was standing at the public counter down at my local Highway Patrol Office when a guy walked in.  He stated to the officer "need to get my truck inspected".  Cop asked where is it parked.  Guy says, "right outside in the red zone".  Cop says, " I'll be right out, I just have to get my ticket book".


So Tell Me…

Is it me, or, have they been letting the really dumb folks out of their cages again.

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