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By: Mike Lipshultz

   With This Text-Enabled Device I Thee Divorce:

A court in the United Arab Emirates endorsed the divorce that resulted from a husband’s text message to his wife that read, “Why are you late? You are divorced.” Islamic Sharia law allows men to divorce their wives by either speaking or writing the words “I divorce you” three times, as long as certain conditions are met.

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ABC News

To Much Time:

Boy, that guy in the story above, has been spending too much time with his cell phone.  Talk about the saying” I think you love that thing more then me!”  In this case his wife would be right.

I Can’t Read It In The Dark:

According to a story that CNET news ran, folks in California will get blackout alerts sent to them by wireless alerts.

But Your Honor….

If I get a ticket for talking on my cell phone, I’m just going to tell the judge the law states I can’t talk on the phone and drive.  I was not talking.  I was typing a text message……. Hmmmmm…  I think we found another hole in the law.  Kind of scary.  It’s now illegal to talk on the phone when you drive, but it’s still legal to type a text message on a two-way device.   Of the two, I’d rather have the person driving next to me talking on the phone.  What about you?

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