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From Someone On The Phone All Day
By: Tom McDonald

I'm on the phone most of the day, every day and I have yet to find the "perfect" phone system.  I have, however, found the closest to perfect [within reason] for the SOHO in using the Engenius system. The ability to run a small business while providing the illusion of being somewhat larger to the caller is invaluable when competing with industry giants.  And the flexibility in transferring calls, placing callers on hold and even changing the battery while a caller is on hold is unparalleled!

The Engenius system will grow with my needs without the need for costly replacements.  I simply add a base station and perhaps a handset and I have a new number which is available to all other registered handsets.  I can take calls from Line 1 and switch to line 2, etc.  Its imperative that I be able to place a call on hold from Line 1 and speak to Line 2 and vice versa.  Additionally, my receptionist has found the system to be invaluable for her call management.

The notable good points of the Engenius system for my needs are:

Expansion Capability: As I have experienced growth I was able to add a new base station to include a new number and my existing handsets could answer for this new line.

Clarity: I have never had this clear of a connection with a wireless phone.  Also, I can travel throughout my office without interruption or static.  Additionally, my clients have remarked at the level of clarity on their end as compared to my prior solutions.

Flexibility: The ability to transfer calls between handsets, across separate lines is a necessity and is available.  Placing callers on hold and giving them recorded messages to hear during the process is also available and valuable.

Technical Depth: There are tons of small features which, once you  use them, become second nature.  Capturing caller's numbers and storing them is easily accomplished.  Placing callers on hold while you change a battery is a simple thing and yet, I have only experienced this flexibility with the Engenius system.  While I did  not get to test the two-way radio capabilities in depth, the idea behind it is remarkable and has the potential to save quite a bit of time and money.

There are not a lot of drawbacks but one I could mention is the battery life.  The battery last for a few hours and a longer time would be better.  But again, I can change the battery while a I place someone on hold so it has not been a significant problem.  And ultimately I would love to see the base station handle two simultaneous phone lines, rather than requiring two base stations. This is not a big deal as an additional base station is a one-time expense and well worth it.

For any SOHO operator, the Engenius system will likely make your life easier and give you the "large company" look without the expense of a custom phone system.

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