Just Jack It!
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By: Mike Lipshultz

Just Jack It!

Need another phone jack in your home or office, but not looking forward to paying the phone company $80.00 an hour to run more wires along your wall?  Then do it yourself.  No, Iím not talking about buying one of those ďDo It Yourself Wiring KitsĒ, but simply plugging in a Wireless Phone Jack.  Never heard of them?  Iím not surprised.  Unfortunately no one is out there writing about these things to let you know they exist. They have been around a long time and are as easy to hook up and install as a cordless phone.  You just plug the base unit into a wall outlet.  You then connect the phone line to it.  You take the receiver unit to anyplace in the house that you want a new phone jack.  You plug the receiver unit into the wall.  Bingo! You have a new phone jack.  Just plug the phone into your new jack.  Need a phone jack to move from room to room.  No big deal.  Just unplug the receiver unit and move it.  Need a jack for your modem.  Hey, they have one for that.  Do the things work?  You bet.  In fact, one of the biggest users of the jacks is the Satellite TV industry.  As on most satellite TV systems, you need to have a phone connection to the satellite box, the industry uses these jacks so they donít have to waste all that time running wires for a new phone jack.  Look at it this way; if itís good enough for the satellite TV guys, it should be good enough for you!  The jacks are actually designed and made by a company called Phonex Broadband.  They are marketed and sold by such companies as GE (under itís parent company Jasco) and RCA.


I have been using one for about 3 months.  It works great.  I have the one that is for use by phones or modems.  I have one base unit connected to the phone line upstairs.  I have two receiver units connected downstairs.  They work great.  They took about 5 minutes to hook up, and beat the daylights out of spending hours running phone wires!


In fact here at BizNet Online we are giving them the On-Target Award, as the Wireless Phone Jack is the perfect solution to easily adding an extra phone jack almost anywhere!


For being easy to use and the perfect solution to that need for an extra phone jack, BizNet Online Magazine Gives the Wireless Phone Jack the On Target Award!

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