“An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Cure”.  This month’s Emergency Column looks at preventing problems.  One of the biggest headaches we all have is a dead car battery.

 Last month we looked at the JumpStart unit from Road Pro.  This unit is great at getting any vehicle started.  This month we thought we would talk about how to see that dead battery coming.


One of the biggest aids in seeing a problem starting with a battery is a simple voltmeter.  Unfortunately not all cars have them.  It can also run a fair amount of money to have one installed.  So, if you don’t have a voltmeter what are you to do?


If you read last month’s column and called Road Pro for a catalog then you have the answer. If not call Road Pro at 800-233-7009 and get one of their catalogs.


Now to what to do if you don’t have a Volt Gauge in your car.

Road Pro offers two answers.  They are both Volt Gauges that simply plug into your Cigarette Lighter.  One unit has a Crystal Display and a built-in light to make it easy to read the display at night.  The unit twists and rotates making it easy to adjust it so you can easily read it.  The other unit, in addition to having an LED display, also has two extra Cigarette Lighters style jacks in it, so you can use this volt gauge and not lose the use of your Cigarette Lighter socket.  In addition to the two Cigarette Lighter Sockets, this unit comes with what looks like an extension cord.  Only thing is it has a plug on both ends designed to plug into a Cigarette Lighter.  Why?  So you can plug one end into the Lighter on a car with a dead battery and the other end into the Lighter on a car with a good battery.  And there you have it! An instant jump-start without having to open the hood.  Not bad.  One of the nicest things about both of these Road Pro units is that they move easily from car to car.  The “jump start” cable on the one unit takes up almost no room.  If you drive a lot of rental cars, getting stuck due to a dead battery can be a killer; then, do yourself a big favor. Get this unit and take it with you.


How does a Volt Gauge tell you you’re about to get stuck with a dead battery?  It lets you know not only if your battery has a charge, but if your car is charging the battery.  When your car is running, the gauge should almost always read at least 13 volts.  With the engine off your voltage should be at least 12 volts.  If not, you had better get your electrical/charging system checked.

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