If You Find A Disaster Scary,
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BizNet Shows How To Keep The Power.

  One nice item to have in an emergency is a portable power source.  Something you can plug your 12-volt items into, or with the assistance of an inverter, even plug in your household (small appliances, like a radio, very small TV) items.  An emergency power source can be an incredible convenience. If you have been paying attention in your local Mega Store or Auto parts store you have probably seen one of those “portable Power” boxes that are now on the market.  The basics of them are all the same.  A 12-volt battery, a case, and some attached jumper cables.  The biggest use most of these are bought for is to jump-start a vehicle.


When it comes to Jump-Starting a vehicle with a dead battery, it’s hard to beat one of these units.  Most of us pay our local “Auto Club” anywhere from $30.00 to 90.00 per year in order to get emergency roadside assistance.  The biggest demand for tow trucks is a vehicle with a dead battery; especially on rainy days when drivers turn their lights on during the day and forget to turn them off.  But the “Auto Club” is hard to beat if you have a dead battery.  What’s not so great is the 15 minutes to an hour or more you’re going to have to wait.


Wait as you miss business appointments.  Wait as your just purchased frozen foods thaw out.  Wait as it gets hotter and hotter in that car, and the kids get “ants in their pants”.  You get the idea.  It’s not the cost of belonging to an “auto Club”, it’s having to wait.


That’s why more and more people are buying portable power units.  When its not sitting in your car, truck, home or office waiting to be used, you can use them for powering all kinds of goodies when camping, or in an Emergency.


Not all of the units are built equally.  With this in mind BizNet takes a look at the RoadPro Jump Start System from a company called RoadPro (in Pennsylvania call them at: 717-964-3642.  This is a heavy-duty unit.  It is rated at 1200 Amps (the “Starting Power”), so not only can this unit start anything from a motorcycle, to a tractor-trailer rig; it can start more of them and go longer without being recharged.


The unit comes with an adapter to charge it from any wall outlet.  Unlike some other cheaper units I have seen, this one can also be charged from a 12-volt source.  It sounds strange, but a lot of the lower priced units specifically tell you not to charge them from a 12-volt source.  Not so with this unit.  That’s a big deal if you think about it.  If you keep it in your car or truck, how are you going to charge it?  You don’t have a wall socket.  You do have a cigarette lighter plug.  See, it makes sense to have one that will take a 12-volt charge.  The unit is built with a lead acid battery, but it is sealed so you do not have to be concerned about the position of the unit.  You can keep it standing up, or lay it on its side.  With this type of battery, unlike a Ni-Cad, there is no memory effect.  You can charge this unit after every usage to keep it at full power.  Or, if you prefer, you can run it till it’s almost dead then recharge it.


The built-in power indicator makes it easy to know how much “juice” is left.  The unit also has two built-in 12-volt “Cigarette Lighter” style plugs and a work light.


Another big feature on this unit that most of the others don’t have is a keyed safety switch.  Before the attached jumper cables can have any power running though them, you have to insert and turn the attached safety key.  The reason for this is simple.  You never really want the ends of the Jumper Cables to touch each other when the power is on.  It cannot only run any power unit, it can be dangerous.  In the real world it can be very easy to have the cables touch.  In those other units, you can’t turn the power off.


Power… just how much emergency power does this thing have?  Lets put it this way.  To test it we turned on the built-in Emergency light.  A nice bright light.  Enough light to help on the side of the road or let you see a whole room when the power is out.  Five days later we got tired of the light being on, so we turned it off and decided that no one needs a light going 24 hours a day for 5 days.


Give RoadPro a call at 800-233-7009 and get one of their catalogs.  The have lots of neat stuff.

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