At The Water Cooler

By: Mike Lipshultz

  Just Like A Woman….

            No Surprise with the ‘I Love You” Virus.  Women send out an E-Mail to a couple of Billion people telling them she “Loves” them when she doesn’t, and the world goes nuts.  Remember computer Virus protection is like safe sex.  Don’t do it with out protection Or with strangers.


A Cute Rolly Polly Panda… NOT!

            For Virus protect I personally use Panda’s Software product Panda Antivirus Platinum.  It saved me.  Not one infected file has gotten past this product.  I can tell you it has been given a tremendous workout in the past month or so, with the ‘I Love You” Virus and all its variances.  I have found the software easy to use and it gets updated daily.  Check it out at .


Stay On The Alert!

As I said above, Panda makes a reliable Anti-Virus Program.  They also put out an informative News Letter to Alert and Educate readers about new Virus and security threats.  To get on the list and have the News Letter sent to you just E-Mail them at:


Nice Logo, How Much Money Did You Waste Panting It On Your Truck?

Pulled up to a truck the other day.  We drove next to it for about 15 minutes.  Everyone in the car agreed.  It was a nice looking Logo.  But no one could read the name of the company or what they did.  The Logo was just too “stylized”.  So don’t waste your money.  If you have a “Stylized” Logo, don’t forget to also print the important stuff (like the company’s name and what you do) in a nice readable font.


Strange But True….

            Ever notice when you’re driving on the road; everyone driving faster then you is an Idiot.  Everyone driving slower needs to learn how to drive.

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