Beware of the 809 area code scam!

Never, ever call a telephone number in the 809 area code! This is an area code located in the Caribbean. It is very much like a 900 number. Only it is a lot more expensive. Charges are as much as $20.00 per minute or more!

Some of the scams work like this.

You get an E-Mail telling you your account is over due, if you do not call a Mr. John Doe, at 1-809-555-5555, legal action will be taken. So you call to tell them you never heard of their company. After about ten minutes on the phone you’re told it was a mistake, do not worry about it. Then you get your phone bill. You have just been taken for $200.00. You get a call after hours on your voice mail. Please call Mr. John Doe, at 1-809-555-5555, as we are looking to hire a company in your area. So, seeing an opportunity to market your company you call. After ten minutes , no you do not get this new account, but you do get a $200.00 phone bill.

So, never ever call anyone (for any reason) that is giving you an 809 area code number!

For more information on scam warning web sites, see BizNet Online Magazine November 1997 issue, Water Cooler section.

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