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By: Mike Lipshultz

  Whatís On TV?

Need to know whatís on TV?  Even in a different town?  Cable, Local, Or????  Then you need to know about This is the place to get customized TV listings by zip code.  Real handy information if you travel a lot, or just donít have a TV guide handy.

The NetWorking Has Begun.

Hey we are new in town, so we donít know any service folks. But we know how to NetWork.  As in asking, ďHey, do you know someone good that does....?Ē.  So now we have a mechanic, an insurance agent, an electrician, and a heating and a/c company.  All without opening the phone book.

Covering More Big Shows!

Now that BizNet has relocated closer to the California, Arizona, Nevada border, we can cover more trade shows then ever before.  We look forward to getting the information and reporting on it to you.

Now Thatís Using You Head!

Just saw a prototype communications system for motorcycle riders.  The system uses a voice pick up in the top of the helmet to pick up your voice from the top of your head.  It works perfectly.  Very crisp and clean sound.  No distortion in the voice at all.  You can even whisper.  The product will be going into production.  I look forward to seeing it adapted to other noisy environments. Look for it in the future from Midland Radio Company.
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