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By: Mike Lipshultz

   Hi, I'm A News Reporter, Can You Help Me Tie My Shoe...

Is it just me or are most TV Reporters dumb as rocks?  Here in Los Angeles I was watching the coverage of a local refinery fire.  One reporter stated, "Look at those flames, that heat is so intense, it's like the temperature you get on the sun".  Hey, I'll give you the fact that the refinery fire was at about 2,000 degrees and that is HOT, but the same as the Sun????  Give me a break.  If it were as hot as the Sun, things would be vaporizing.  Like the fire fighters!. Just for the record:  The coolest parts of the Sun are at about 10 Million degrees (f).  The hottest is over 18 Million degrees (f).

More On Fire...

Want to check your corporate firewall?  Check out this site and look at a free program they have called SheildsUp.

And More Fire....

Got a fire extinguisher or two around the place.  If not you should have.  If you do have one (or more), do you know how to use it?  Sounds like a dumb question, but...  When faced with the emergency of a fire a lot of folks remember to grab the extinguisher.  Unfortunately they either don't know, or get panicky and forget to pull the pin, before hitting the trigger.  Also folks tend not to know to stay back from the flames, or what part of the fire to aim at.  So do yourself a favor and check this out: 
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