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BizNet Takes A Look At "PowerStitch"

Well gang a cool new product just hit the street, They call it "PowerStitch" http://www.enroute.com/. the program is really neat, and here is how it works. You take several images in sequence

Using this product all of the above images are put together seamlessly, and with little effort! The image quality is unreal and great big using the HP 1220c DeskJet Color printer with a roll of generic photo paper this image is a full 4 feet 2 inches by 11 inches! Measure that for your self "That's BIG" and this program can print even bigger, as big as your printer can handle!

The Front Stretch At California Speedway

The program is easy to install setup and run with very little effort on your part, the neat thing about "PowerStitch" is that its a new adventure with every image. Rendering the above image start to finish took only 3 minutes. That's cool!

For being one of the newest most innovative products that we have seen this year as well as doing exactly what this product said it would do, BizNet Gives "PowerStitch" Our "WOW Award!"

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