At The Water Cooler

By: Mike Lipshultz

Burning CD’s The Easy Way

            Forget using that wizard program that came with your CD Burner.  Try it my way and I’ll bet you get faster and easier results.  Drop the blank CDR Disc in your burner and format it to be used as a Recordable disc (like a floppy or hard drive).  After it’s formatted open Windows Explorer.  Go to the program or disc you wish to copy.  Highlight it.  Then use the copy command.  Stay in Windows Explorer; go to your drive letter for your CDR Unit.  Highlight it.  Then use the paste command.  Bang you just made a copy on your CDR. I bet you find this works easier and faster.  One important thing…  After you’re through copying, highlight the CDR unit again, then with a right click of your mouse, you will see the “Eject” option come up.  Hit it.  You will then be given the choice on how to close your CDR. Select the choice to run on any computer.  Let me know how it works for you.

Fry’s, You Owe Me A Pay Check

            Had to buy some CDR discs the other day.  I made what was to be a fast run into my local Fry’s Computer store.  Got stuck in there for over an hour.  Lots of people were shopping for CDR discs, but no one could tell them the difference between Blue, Green etc.,  I spent an hour answering questions.  If you need all the info in CDR discs, check out this month’s story on CDR Disc’s.

Trade Shows, How Do I find Thee?

            Looking to increase your business though trade shows?  But you can’t find the shows you’re looking for?  Try here:

BizNet, Mardi Gras And Internet World

            Looking to get attention at trade shows and have some fun?  Try it the BizNet way.  At last month’s Spring Internet World the BizNet Crew walked around with a ton of  Mardi Gras Beads on our necks.  In no time at all people were begging for them.  We had a great time giving them out, and everyone knew BizNet was in the house!

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