At The water Cooler

By: Mike Lipshultz

Why Is This Place So Nasty...

It's Not All Bad..........

            O.K. So BizNet is Kissing California goodbye, but it's not all bad. California that is...  In fact there are some really great business people in this city.  The other day we met two of them.  On leaving town, the boat trailer had two tires go out.  We pulled into a local tire shop called "America's Tires".  Well it was about 5:30 and they close at 6:00 p.m., but they tried to help us.  We really needed to play it safe and get all new tires so it was a five-tire deal.  And we needed two new rims.  Not a bad end of day sale.... But, on working on the trailer the lug nuts snapped off some of the lugs.... No lugs, no way to mount the rim, and so on.  Long story short.  Two really great employees worked late into the night to get us back on the road.  We kept them there till about 8:30 p.m. on a Friday night.  So if you’re ever near the store at :

10235 Balboa Blvd
Northridge, CA 91325

And if you need some tires, I can tell you from personal experience, this is a great company to do business with.  So check for a location near you at their web site:

Have You Seen This Show?

            Saw that new TV show the other day.  Baby Bob.  It is about a baby named Bob, that can talk.  Not goo goo, gaa gaa, but like a 30 year old.  Without the foul or suggestive language.  I not only liked it, but was glad to see that someone can still put together a TV show that parents can watch with extremely young kids, and not feel like they are watching a "kids" show.

K-Mart Going Bye Bye?......

            Maybe/Maybe not.  We all know they are in deep financial trouble.  At this time they are closing down some of their stores and liquidating the in-store inventory.  So I checked it out.  Basically the same stuff as Wal-Mart, only for more $$$..... Gee, I guess that is why Wal-Mart is killing them.

Something California Don't Got....

            Looking forward to surfing the Internet in Bullhead City.  The local ISP has a killer set up.  A wireless set up, that is faster than DSL, and is an all you can eat set up, for $20.00 per month!  If you are in the Bullhead, Laughlin area check out Colorado River Internet at :

Found The Answer...

            For the last 6 months my DSL connection provided by Verizon, has been going on and off almost daily.  It was rock solid for years, but 6 months ago it started acting up.  Verizon can't find the answer to the "why" it is happing.  But I found the solution, I'm moving to Bullhead, and signing up with Colorado River Internet.

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