Lets Test Tech Support
LapLink Gets Tested

On some occasions a product comes to us by mistake this is one of those times. We received a copy of LapLink 95 the product that connects your laptop to your desktop, but you already know that, I think we were suppose to get a copy of LapLink 2000, but what the heck lets test tech support!


We dusted off an old Pentium 100 desktop machine with Windows 95 and an old 486 laptop and proceeded to hook them up “not using the Manuel. We turned on the computers and away we went. LapLink 95 worked ok but it needed to be tuned up so we made the phone call!


We got a tech on the line in 2 minutes “Brandy Taylor” picked up the phone and helped us tune up our systems in about 15 minutes, it would have been 2 minutes but the old computers took to long to re-boot. After the systems were tuned up the software flew with no problems!


The tech that we got on the line “Brandy Taylor” really knew what we needed and helped us get the systems running smoothly and for that we give her our thanks and our 5 star rating well as the BizNet Magazine Winner Award 

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