At The Water Cooler

By: Mike Lipshultz

Ralph Nader Sucks Dot Com?

I am not making this up.  Good Guy Ralph Nader is pushing for some new Domains.  Included in Mr. Nader’s wish list is .sucks, .isnotfair, and more.  Sucks…?  I thought the sex industry wanted that one?  Has Mr. Nader been forgetting to wear his safety helmet?

I’m Going To Get Mail On This One… But…

Here in the United States (the Land Of Freedom And Free Speech) there is a move to make it illegal to burn the American Flag.  Now I like the flag.  I am proud of it and my country.  I have a debt of gratitude to everyone that has fought (and those that have given their life) to protect my country and the flag.  But…

(here is were I go making trouble). What makes this a free country (and a GREAT country) is that you Can Burn the National Flag without the government coming after you.  Try that in some other country, and you’re in deep ……


Just Don’t Try To Burn Our Computers

The CIA is working on plans to prevent and fight back any attempts in time of war to disable or corrupt this countries computers.  This includes not only government systems, but private industry also.

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